Ammonium Nitrate

Efficient. Economical. Easy to use. choose Noranfo.

Our Noranfo blasting agent is a cost-effective, booster-sensitive explosive, designed to produce effective results across a variety of surface and underground applications. It delivers maximum performance for minimal cost, and is quick and easy to load into boreholes.

Noranfo is ideally suited to up-hole loading, as it creates minimal dusting, and performs impressively within large excavation projects.

Created as a blend of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil, Noranfo blasting agent is available on pallets in both small and large polyethelene bags (3x thick for durability). Safe delivery of bulk orders can also be fulfilled in 1,000 kg tote bags (with a spout) or via Auger Truck.

Water Resistant – Noranfo(wr).

With our Noranfo(wr) water resistant blasting agent, you can rely on a cost-effective booster-sensitive explosive that proves highly effective within a wide variety of surface and underground blasting applications.
Its minimal dusting properties make it an ideal up-hole loading solution, and successful blast solution within larger excavation projects.

Created using a blend of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil, Noranfo(wr) features a rapidly hydrating guar gum design, which enables the explosive to gel upon contact with water; a purpose formulation that prevents moisture from penetrating the bulk of the load. Available for pallet delivery in both small and large polyethylene bags (3x thick for durability), this water resistant, cost-effective blasting agent can be relied upon to produce results.

Choose Noranfo & Noranfo(wr) by EPC Nordex. The reliable, safe and efficient choice.