Perimeter control at your fingertips.

Designed to facilitate safer controlled blast in development headings and shaft sinking, Buttbuster is the perimeter control product of choice for surface and underground blasting applications throughout North America.

Produced as a one-piece custom length with a semi-rigid coiled charge, Buttbuster is ideal for the rapid loading of perimeter boreholes within surface and underground mines, while also having the capacity to effectively create smooth walls when required.

New Innovation

Following further research and development, a new innovative change in design to the Buttbuster product provides the additional benefit of “Direct Prime”. This permits the rapid charging of perimeter boreholes in the underground mining industry, providing maximum efficiency and safety with proven results.


  • High energy flared end (no primer necessary)
  • High velocity of detonation (VOD) minimizes geological stress
  • Reduces over break to an average of 4%, reducing haulage costs
  • Decoupled charge produces precision shearing
  • Loading time reduced up to 50%
  • Scaling times reduced 50%-70%
  • Reduces shotcrete coating
  • Precision blasting provides improved safety in ground control and reduces potential rockfall
  • Prefitted retention spiders eliminate the need for stemming
  • Oxygen balanced explosive (no nitroglycerine)
  • Reduced cycle time due to precision shearing and reduced scaling
  • Waterproof
  • Vastly superior shelf life to comparable perimeter products
  • Customised charges are manufactured to suit individual borehole depths