Introducing the Scorpion underground loader system.

EPC Nordex has combined the durability of an underground carrier and the ability to transport bulk emulsion explosives; capable of uphole and downhole loading with accurate and reliable results. This combination vehicle is ideal for most underground mining applications.

The Scorpion has been developed for use in underground applications to transport and load explosives in the safest and most efficient manner possible. It features a camera for remote hose insertion, a water ring for lower pumping pressures and a robotic feeder head for downhole, drifting and uphole loading.

The Scorpion is controlled via PLC with proportional electric over hydraulics, and a boom that can reach a height of over 28 feet from the ground / 21 feet horizontally, with a slew of 225 degrees. It also features a large explosives capacity and a maximum pumping rate of 85kg/min.

Put the sting in blasting with a Scorpion underground loader from EPC Nordex.

It’s the reliable, safe and efficient choice.


Overall Dimensions
25′ L x 6′-10″ W x 9’H (parked dimensions)

Boom Reach

225 degree slew
28′-4″ height from ground level
21′-6″ horizontal reach from crane pin

Explosives Capacity NEQ
1,300 kg (2,865 lbs) @ 1.24 g/cc density

Water Capacity
52 litres tank (12 imperial gallons) or directly to mine water supply hose

Power Supply
Transmission powered hydraulic PTO and 600 VAC 3 phase electric motor option

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with proportional electric over hydraulic

Loading Hose
1″ diameter x 200′ long – nominal

Loading Rate
65 kg/min (145 lbs/min) nominal
85 kg/min (190 lbs/min) maximum

Maximum Pump Output Pressure
380 psi

Emulsion Shearing Capacity

Self – Loading Transfer Pump
Yes – rotary lobe type

Other Features
Camera for remote hose insertion
Water ring for lower pumping pressures
Robotic feeder head for downholes, drifting and upholes